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Datafone Records Audio Studio

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Made with love and determination.
the sudio runs on Mac, RME ADI + FireFace UC AD/DA converters, Mackie CR04 analog mixer, Elektron OT & A4, DSI Tempest, Akai RythmWolf, Roland System model 101 + MC 202 analog synths, Virus TI2 digit synth, Jomox MBase Kick synth, Boss HC-2 hand clapper, TenoriOn O, Waldorf Rocket, Casio analog synths, Roland TR505, Zoom H6 recorder, Roland RE20, RE301 & RE20 tape delay units, Ibanez UE400 analog multi effect, Roland SRV2000 reverb unit, Strymon BigSky reverb unit,Ensonic DP4 multi effec, electro harmonix V256 analog vovodert, dbx166 / yamaha / FMR audio RNC1773 compressor, Presonus Blue tube / FMR Audio RNLA7239 pre amplifiers, TC electronic Finalizer 96, Beyerdynamic DT 770pro & AudioTechnica ATH M50, Sonor 2000 drums, Zildjian& Paiste Cymbals, Fender Jazz Bass, Ibanez Electro Acoustic guitar, Washburn N2 electric guitar, Boss OC-2 / DD-5 / MD-3 guitar pedals.

AY - Portraits Audacieux wt/ Damien Bourniquel - Portraits Audacieux project : ©Damien Bourniquel ©Datafone Records

AY - the Hidden Face - Portraits Audacieux project : ©Damien Bourniquel ©Datafone Records